5 Reasons to Consider Travel Nursing

When a person enjoys caring for others, nursing is a great profession. It allows an individual to provide compassion and medical assistance when necessary. However, a conventional nurse is confined to one office or hospital. Starting a career as a travel nurse provides the opportunity to work throughout the world. On a short-term basis, various assignments will send a travel nurse where he or she is needed the most. Here are five reasons to consider this type of career.

1. Enhance a Resume

Working as a travel nurse allows a person to work at some of the world’s state-of-the-art facilities around top practitioners. While working at different places, a person will be exposed to a variety of nursing practices, which allows an individual to acquire more knowledge and new skills.

A travel nurse may be assigned to a small rural hospital, which requires a person to perform multiple tasks. At another time, a nurse may be assigned to an urban teaching center. This allows a person to participate in a specified field. Combining these experiences allows for growth and enhances a person’s resume.

2. Visit Exciting Locations

Very few professions allow a person to travel around the globe and practice his or her skills. Working as a travel nurse lets an individual enjoy various climates and cultures each day. It is like being on a permanent vacation that requires a bit of work. If a person prefers the beach, he or she can accept assignments in these areas. On the other hand, if he or she prefers cool weather, it is possible to take jobs in Alaska or similar places.

Travel nurses can take advantage of periodic moves. It is a great way to bring family members on “stay-cations,” or they can choose assignments close to friends and family so that everyone can reconnect.

3. Pay Benefits

As a travel nurse, a person is guaranteed hours, premium pay rates, and other bonuses. Besides a competitive salary, a person in this profession may take advantage of other benefits, including medical and dental insurance. It is common to receive sizable monthly bonuses after completing assignments as well.

Another benefit of being a travel nurse is enjoying paid housing. Not having to worry about paying rent or a mortgage is a big deal. Depending on the contract or agency, a person will be placed in housing that includes furniture and utilities. Other times, a a tax-free housing stipend will be given.

4. Avoid Hospital Politics

All work environments can be stressful, especially from interpersonal relationships and office politics. In the healthcare profession, these issues may be intensified. The nature of the work can inflame even the smallest problems.

Nurses must care for patients, and their responsibilities pull them in different directions, which can cause tension between co-workers. Even when a person is not directly involved, he or he may be drawn into other nurses’ battles. Since travel nurses rarely establish roots in one particular location, they are less likely to be negatively affected by hospital politics.

5. Fabulous Memories

The life of a travel nurse is anything but boring. This person gets to experience incredible places and events that would not have been possible with other careers. For instance, a nurse stationed in Alaska will never forget watching a moose walk into the hospital while she was working. A travel nurse has unlimited opportunities to experience the world and make unforgettable memories.

To become a travel nurse, it is necessary to obtain an RN degree and have one-year of hospital experience. Becoming a travel nurse lets a person live in foreign places. While spending a few months in different cities, an individual meets new people, tastes new foods, and enjoys various cultures. After working in multiple healthcare systems, a person will become more independent and will receive priceless knowledge that helps expand his or her career dreams.