5 Online Shopping Resources for Nurses

Great Websites for Nursing Gear

  • Allheart
  • Amazon
  • Lydia’s Uniforms
  • Nurse O’Clock
  • UA Uniform Advantage

According to a study conducted by Nurse.org and released in March of this year, an astounding 2.9 million nurses were employed in the medical field. Yet, many areas are short of nurses, which means long hours and hard work. For many, time constraints means shopping for nursing wear and supplies falls low on the priority list. Enter online shopping resources for nurses. Whether shopping for scrubs, comfortable nursing shoes, stethoscopes, pen light, or more, you will find what you are looking online. Here are just five sites where you’ll surely find what you need and want.


One of the most popular online shopping resources for nurses is Allheart.com. Offering just about everything you could possibly want or need, this site is also known for its sales offering tremendous savings on a wide variety of nursing scrubs from many manufacturers. Some of the other items you will find at this site include:

  • Countless product brands in every category
  • Lab coats
  • Shoes
  • Medical devices
  • Accessories
  • Bulk sales

Recently lowered, Allheart also offers buyers very reasonable shipping rates.


Amazon is the onsite place to find everything and anything, including everything you could possibly want for your nursing needs. Just some of the nursing products at Amazon include:

  • Nursing shoes and clogs
  • Scrubs and uniforms for men and women
  • Blood pressure cuffs and meters
  • Medical pen lights
  • Digital thermometers
  • Textbooks
  • Compression socks

If you are a member of Amazon’s Prime club, you will benefit from free shipping and receipt of many products in just two days.

Lydia’s Uniforms

If you are looking for deeply discounted clothing items, this is a place to stop and shop. Offering a 110 percent price match guarantee, here you’ll find women’s and men’s wear, a large selection of brands, group sales, shoes, and some medical supplies. Shipping is free on orders over $119.

Nurse O’Clock

Touted as the largest for online nursing and physician resources, this is a very robust site that offers the following items:

  • Shoes
  • Nursing clothes
  • Watches
  • Nursing accessories and equipment
  • And much more

The good news here is that all standard shipping is free.

UA Uniform Advantage

Specializing in the sale of uniforms, scrubs, and nursing shoes and clogs, this site is the go-to online shopping destination for many nurses looking for these items. Here you can shop by brand, color, prints and shoe-types. The very popular Butter Soft Scrubs by UA ™ are also sold here. Shipping is a flat rate of $5.

When it comes time to buy the uniforms and supplies you need, convenience is number one for busy nurses and other medical practitioners. The online shopping resources for nurses here give you some options for the easy, efficient and convenient shopping you need to make life simpler.

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