5 Jobs for a Public Health Nurse

What are five jobs for a public health nurse, besides the namesake position? It’s a critical question, especially at a time where PHNs, as public health nurses are known, are publicly blasting Trumpcare and other unsavory public health issues as a danger to the population at large. Here are just five positions well suited for PHNs.

1. Disaster Specialist

One of the five jobs that a PHN can take on is that of disaster specialist. When a man-made or natural disaster strikes, one of the main concerns is the immediate and long-term impact it can have on public health. A PHN is a clinical professional that has an educational and work experience background that makes them perfectly suited for mitigating potential diseases and outbreaks. By working in the field along with other disaster specialists, a PHN can put into practice public health protocols in order to protect the community at large.

2. Project Specialist in Public Health

Another great job for a PHN is in government, helping local, state, and federal agencies craft public health legislation that is necessary in order to keep the population healthy. With the fear of biological threats and the spread of unknown diseases, this is a new career in which PHNs are uniquely qualified. A bonus of this position is that a PHN can also work for non-governmental organizations around the world, bringing their expertise to populations abroad who are in severe need of public health assistance.

3. Public Health Information Officer

While PHNs can work in legislation to craft policy, a public health information officer is also a viable career. PHNs in this profession usually work for public health agencies and organizations both at home and abroad to ensure that current and accurate information is distributed to the communities that need it in order to stave off a public health emergency. This is a stressful but challenging career that consists of not only doing the research necessary to make sure the information is valid but also distributing to agencies and making sure the information is taken to heart when dealing with an outbreak or to keep the population healthy.

4. Health Services Research Analyst

A job for PHNs that takes on a more academic role is that of a Public Health Research Analyst. These nurses combine their educational background with research opportunities in order to uncover new vaccines or antidotes, increase knowledge on public health threats, and discover new ways of combating public health issues that are already on the rise. PHNs who take on this role can work for the government, in the private sector, and for philanthropic health organizations, increasing their employment opportunities around the world.

5. Public Health Educator

An extremely important job that PHNs can take on once they receive a graduate degree is that of a public health educator. These educators don’t necessarily just work at colleges and universities; they can work anywhere, including federal and international organizations. Most public health educators have one focus, such as maternal health or HIV prevention, and use their expertise to add credence to a topic that is currently being discussed. This is a growing field as the medical community uncovers more public health issues and concerns and will serve to inform communities around the world about the threats that they may be facing.

Becoming a PHN is a challenging, often forsaken, career, but it’s of the utmost importance for the world. It is critical that they receive the respect they deserve for keeping their communities safe. With these five jobs for a public health nurse, these professionals can find careers that will keep populations safe, a concern that only grows as the population numbers increase.