5 Great Blogs for Nurses

Nursing can be the toughest job you’ll ever love, but one way you can stay informed, connected, and encouraged is through reading blogs about nursing. With all the rapid changes and developments in the nurse’s role and in the technology nurses use, it can be be important to stay updated on news and trends. Caring for patients daily can also be tiring, both physically and emotionally, so it’s important to stay connected to other nurses and to articles that help you to care for yourself as you care for others. Below are 5 great blogs that can assist you in those kinds of tasks.

Dear Nurses

Launched ten years ago, Dear Nurses describes itself as “a helpful clinical resource” for nurses. Recent posts bear that out, as they include notes on what happens in head trauma, and what a nurse can expect to find when the brain is injured. Most posts are illustrated and many contain links to websites for further learning or to videos on the Dear Nurses YouTube channel. They also have a group of websites which they’re currently rebuilding. In the meantime, you can check out the blog’s archives.

Innovative Nurse

Innovative Nurse is an innovative blog with links to a podcast and their own radio station, RN FM Radio. Their posts cover topics of interest to nurses today, such as entrepreneurship and social media. Some of their recent postings cover scholarship opportunities for nursing school, the benefits of going to conferences, and the importance of mindset in ensuring your success in your career. The blog recently participated in a blog carnival on nurses and technology. The blog is run by Kevin Ross, an RN with a BSN who wants to provide information that nurses can really use in today’s world.

According to Kateri

If you’re looking for a nursing blog that’s long on inspiration and encouragement, you might want to read According to Kateri. Nurse Kateri Laurel shares ups and downs of the nursing profession in a very personal, heartfelt way. One of her most popular posts, “Just a Nurse,” encourages nurses to remember their important place in the medical world and to never describe themselves in inferior terms. She has also written encouraging posts on using your voice for good in your profession, as well as insightful posts on the portrayal of nurses in popular media.

New Nurse

If you’re new to the nursing profession, or just getting ready to enter it, a good blog stop might be New Nurse. Posts here cover topics of importance to new nurses, but most importantly express the challenges and difficulties of your nursing career, recognizing how overwhelming those early weeks and months can feel. You’ll find posts on preparing for the NCLEX exam, tips on finding a nurse residency program, advice on giving IVs, and some surprising positives on staying past your shift.

The Nerdy Nurse

Popular speaker and author Brittney Wilson, BSN, RN, is The Nerdy Nurse. She posts on a wide range of practical topics for nurses. Recent posts include common nursing questions, where to find comfortable shoes, the best watches for nurses,tips for surviving the night shift, and how to start your own nursing blog. She features a lot of list posts, so if you enjoy those, step this way.

Keeping updated on current news and trends is important in nursing, and so is staying encouraged and renewed. With these blogs about nursing, and many other great nursing blogs out there, you can find the information, connections, and inspiration you need to succeed.

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