How To Get An RN to BSN Online

RN to BSN OnlineAs you’re researching how to get an RN to BSN online, you can be assured that distance education isn’t very different from an on campus curriculum when it comes to RN to BSN programs.

Difference Between Campus Based and RN to BSN Online Programs

A registered nurse already has the clinical skills needed to complete most program requirements, and all that is needed is the additional class time and undergraduate courses to complete the BSN. Nursing school provides the foundation of an RNs knowledge base, and pursuing a BSN can open many more opportunities for clinical and professional advancement within the field of nursing. Some online programs even allow nursing majors to take higher level classes for credit towards their master’s while they are still pursuing their BSN. Online RN to BSN programs are ideal for the working student. Courses can be taken at your own pace and can be completed around your work schedule. There are many RN to BSN programs online that can offer concentrations in specific fields as well.

Benefits of RN to BSN Online Programs

There are many benefits of choosing an online BSN program, but the most important is convenience. Many BSN students work full time, and need a program that will be flexible with their work schedule and can be done at any time of day. Many RNs may work twelve hour shifts, which can be difficult to modify when trying to schedule classes. Furthering your career with an RN to BSN online program can be a stepping stone to promotions and career advancement within the field of nursing, and the school you select can have an influence on future employers. This is why it is important to consider top level schools that are accredited and admit only the best candidates to the program. Being selective in your choice of RN to BSN online degree program can also be of benefit if you choose to continue your education by pursuing a master’s.

How To Find The Best Online RN to BSN Programs and Financial Aid

There are many RN to BSN programs online that claim to be accredited, so it is important to research any programs that you are considering. A program’s accreditation can make a difference when it comes to obtaining certification and licensing. Every student works hard to obtaining their degree, and should be able to trust that the program they are enrolled in is held to the highest standards. Distance education can be a cost saver when compared to traditional programs on campus. Many online RN to BSN programs offer scholarships and financial aid packages to those who qualify to assist with tuition expenses. Scholarships may be need based or merit based and can offset many expenses related to your degree. Federal financial aid may also be an option and can be applied for annually. Many employers offer tuition reimbursement for nurses wishing to obtain their BSN.

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